Signs You Cracked a Filling

Dental fillings have been around for almost two centuries, and in that time the technology has greatly advanced in matters of safety, comfort, and durability. But they are not meant to last forever, many factors affect how long you will have them without the need for concern. To find out more get in contact with your Woodbridge, VA, dentists at The Dental Spa.

Pain and Prevention

A lot of people may never encounter a problem with their dental fillings, but for the rest of us, problems can arise without us noticing.

If you feel pain at the spot where you have had a filling, you should contact your dentist right away. Pain is a surefire sign that there is already a problem. But you shouldn't wait until something hurts to seek medical help.

Your dentist, during regular checkups, visually examines your teeth and may be able to know of a complication before you're alerted by pain.

X-rays can then be used to assess the next steps.
But there's a lot you can do to help keep your fillings intact. They're usually the same advice you get for maintaining your natural teeth.

Foremost is dental hygiene which helps to keep plaque and its dangers in check with daily brushing and flossing and with regularly scheduled dental cleanings and checkups.

It's also important to keep away from hard foods, which can crack any of your teeth, and also, speak with your dentist if you clench or grind your teeth. They may prescribe you an appliance or suggest another treatment to help your teeth remain intact.

Help With Cracked Fillings in Woodbridge, VA

Once a filling has become cracked there a few options available, depending on how long this has been a problem. It's why it's important to have cracked fillings treated as soon as possible.
Often, your filling is simply replaced and reinforced. But if an infection has been allowed to set in, a root canal may be the only way to save your tooth. Which will then require a crown for further support.
Don't wait until pain tells you there's something wrong, schedule an appointment today, call the professionals of The Dental Spa in Woodbridge, VA, by dialing (703) 580-8288.

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