5 Signs It's Time To Visit the Dentist

Know the signs that it might be time to see a dentist. 

There are many reasons to turn to your Lake Ridge, and Woodbridge, VA, dentists Dr. Marv Thomas, Dr. Rifhat Khan, and Dr. Mohamed Elgazzar of The Dental Spa. Even if you think your smile is healthy, it’s still important that you have a dentist by your side that you trust to provide your teeth and gums with the dental care they need. Is it time to make an appointment with your dentist? It might be if:

It’s Time for a Routine Checkup 

Six-month checkups are for all patients, not just people who are concerned about maintaining their own oral health. Even if you brush twice a day and floss daily, there are still spots you could miss. These checkups twice a year with our Lake Ridge, and Woodbridge, VA, team can both prevent and catch problems early when they are far easier and less expensive to treat.

Your Tooth Hurts

A toothache is not something you want to mess around with. Fortunately, our dental team also offers same-day care for emergency issues such as a toothache. Since a toothache can be a sign of an infection, decay, or gum disease, it’s best to see a dentist immediately as these aren’t issues that will fix themselves.

Your Gums are Bleeding 

Noticing a little “pink in the sink”? While aggressive brushing and flossing may cause you to injure your gums, if you find yourself dealing with bleeding gums every time you floss or brush this is a sign of gum disease. Since gum disease is incredibly common and the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

You Want a Brighter Smile 

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer is teeth whitening. If you want to spruce up your smile and get visibly whiter teeth fast, then our in-office whitening system can give you amazing results. Whether you want to feel more confident in your smile or you have a special occasion coming up, a whiter smile can certainly make you feel and look your best.

You Have Certain Conditions 

There are certain health problems or conditions that could increase your risk for gum disease and other oral problems. After all, there is a link between your oral health and your general health. By examining your smile regularly and providing preventive care we can often catch warning signs of certain problems such as diabetes or heart disease early on.

Here at The Dental Spa, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in dental care to patients in Lake Ridge, and Woodbridge, VA. We were one of the first dental spas worldwide, and we specialize in providing comfortable, relaxing dental care to ease fears and anxieties around visiting the dentist. If you’re looking for a relaxing dental experience, call (703) 580-8288 to schedule an appointment with the smile experts at The Dental Spa Dr. Thomas, Dr. Khan, and Dr. Elgazzar.

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