What Is Sedation Dentistry Like At The Dentist?

If you're like many people, you have anxiety about having dental procedures. That's where sedation dentistry comes into play. Sedation dentistry in Woodbridge, VA, is currently offered at The Dental Spa. Dr. Marv Thomas, Dr. Rifhat Khan, and Dr. Mohamed Elgazzar are experts in the field and can provide patients with a relaxing and peaceful dental experience through this process. You get top-notch dental services and peace of mind knowing you can relax during your scheduled procedures. 

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You? 

Sedation Dentistry is the process of administrating sedation medication as prescribed by your dentist. Before you begin the procedure, the dentist will consult with you and provide a pre-exam to ensure there aren't any complications or known risks to your health. There are several types of sedation dentistry practice today. They include procedures with minimal sedation. This means you are awake and adequately relaxed during the procedure. You might choose moderate sedation, which is where you are more affected by the medication and may have slurred speech and some memory loss. Deep sedation is when you are almost unconscious but can awaken at any point. The ultimate goal is to provide the patient with a relaxed state of mind to get the best results and forgo the anxiety that comes with certain procedures. Then there's general anesthesia, where the patient is totally unconscious through the process. If you're interested in sedation dentistry in Woodbridge, VA, you can call The Dental Spa to learn more details. 

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Dental sedation is intended to provide a relaxing and safe environment for patients who need specific treatments. If you need a dental procedure in the coming months, you should know more about our dental sedation in Woodbridge, VA, by calling The Dental Spa. Dr. Thomas, Dr. Kahn, and Dr. Elgazzar are experts in the field and can provide ideal results for patients who have anxiety about dental procedures. Call 703-580-8288 today to get started. 

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