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Posts for: May, 2015


Now in your adult years, you feel you’ve functioned pretty well even with a few misaligned teeth. You may also think having them straightened at this point may not be worth the effort and expense.

But there are solid reasons — beyond, of course, the psychological and social benefits gained from a new smile — why straightening teeth even as an adult can be a wise investment. Orthodontics not only enhances your appearance but may also improve your long-term oral health.

Restores proper oral function. Teeth that are aligned properly will tend to function properly. Although you can still chew, speak and smile with teeth that aren’t quite aligned properly, over time you’ll put more stress on both the teeth and the jaws, which could lead to more wear than what normally occurs with aging. By re-aligning teeth to a more normal position you could be extending the life of your teeth and reducing your risk of other functional problems.

Reduces the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. Some people with misaligned teeth are more susceptible to periodontal disease. Besides difficulties with bacterial plaque removal (a must to avoid gum disease), a person with misaligned teeth can also encounter more defects involving bone and gum tissues like gum recession that can contribute to the progression of gum disease. By straightening teeth (and performing plastic periodontal surgery if needed), we can reduce this risk dramatically — as long as we’re performing periodontal treatment for existing gum disease before and during orthodontics.

Facilitates tooth replacement. When we lose a tooth, the mouth’s natural mechanism is to move remaining teeth to fill the void left by the lost tooth. This can make it difficult to position a dental implant or similar tooth replacement in a functional and aesthetically appealing way. By applying orthodontics to move drifting teeth back into their proper place, we restore the best condition for achieving success with a tooth replacement.

The best way to know how much you could benefit from orthodontic treatment is to visit us for a full dental evaluation. From there, we can help you decide if treatment for straightening misaligned teeth is right for you.

If you would like more information on orthodontic treatment, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Why Straighten Teeth.”


Prior to his first appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, interior designer Nate Berkus knew immediately that he was not there to pick sofa colors and paint chips. Instead, he was there to lift people up through the way they live. And boy, did he do just that. Over the next eight years, Berkus completed 127 makeovers and became one of America's most beloved go-to guys for inspiration on the latest design trends.

During a recent interview with Dear Doctor magazine, Nate discussed his career as well as his oral healthcare. He credits his dazzling all-natural smile — no cosmetic dentistry here — to the treatments he received as a child from his dentist. “I'm grateful for having been given fluoride treatments and sealants as a child.” He then added that, “healthy habits should start at a young age.” Nate is still in the habit of brushing his teeth two or three times a day. As for flossing his teeth, he credits his dentist with the advice he still follows: “Floss the ones you want to keep.”

Many parents and caregivers may not be aware of the important role fluoride treatments play in protecting children's teeth. Fluoride has the unique ability to strengthen tooth enamel, the hardest substance found in nature. Depending on where you live, you may have fluoridated tap water. You may also have fluoride in your toothpaste, depending on the brand you use. Both of these are beneficial, but sometimes we recommend additional fluoride treatments based on the specific needs of your children. Why? The concentrations of the topical fluorides we typically apply are much higher than what is found in toothpastes, and we apply them for a longer period of time. For example, we often apply them for four minutes per treatment session.

To learn more about fluoride treatments, contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can conduct a thorough examination, discuss any questions you have as well as what treatment options will be best for you or your child. Or to learn more about fluoride treatments now, you can continue reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Topical Fluoride.” And to read the entire interview with Nate Berkus, please see the Dear Doctor magazine article “Nate Berkus.”

By The Dental Spa
May 11, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Find out how those with teeth sensitivity can still get a whiter smile.

With summer coming up all thoughts have turned to boost our appearance. While some people have been hitting the gym for that bikini body, Teeth Whiteningsome people are lightening their hair to welcoming in the sunny weather; however, it’s also a great time to get a brighter smile. Your Woodbridge, VA dentist is happy to get smiles significantly whiter in just one session. But if you deal with tooth sensitivity, then you may be worried about whether this treatment is for you. Find out more about what we do to make your session pain-free and easy.

How is Professional Teeth Whitening Performed?

When you come in for teeth whitening expect to be at our office for about an hour. The treatment itself takes about 45 minutes to complete. We will use a cheek retractor to make your teeth more visible. Then we will paint the bleaching agent over your teeth and use a laser to activate the gel. After about 15 minutes, we will remove the gel, apply a fresh layer and then reactivate. Most whitening sessions go through two or three different applications depending on the results you are hoping to achieve.

Does Teeth Whitening Actually Hurt?

If you’ve ever heard about teeth whitening hurting then chances are you have heard about people experiencing teeth sensitivity during their treatment. While this can happen during your treatment, it’s less likely if you let your Woodbridge, VA dentist about any sensitivities you might have. If you have particularly sensitive teeth then talk to us about things you can do prior to your whitening session so you don’t experience discomfort.

If we are aware of your sensitivity then we can easily tailor the strength and duration of your treatment to accommodate your sensitive smile. Plus, we will also be there to monitor your treatment the entire time to change the intensity if you notice any problems. This is something you wouldn’t be able to do as successfully with at-home whitening products.

If you are interested in getting a brighter smile before summer hits, then it’s time to see your Woodbridge dentist at The Dental Spa. Get pearly whites to be proud of.

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